"Gaulke has a real knack for expressive lyrics that read with clarity and simplicity – like an un-drunk existentialist Bukowski."- Gary Steel, WitchDoctor (Sep 17, 2018)” - Gary Steel

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"The Beck/Lou Reed comparisons aren’t totally out of whack, but I’d say it’s more of a combo than an either/or. To me, a lot of his tastefully understated offerings sound a little like Reed covering one of Beck‘s mellower Tropicalia-flavoured outings, complete with jazzy horns. I sincerely hope his guy’s teaching music and not gym or something."” - Darryl Sterdan

The Tinnitist (Jan 22, 2020

" Some artists just write great songs and leave it at that. Bob Gaulke is definitely the latter."” - Dave Franklin

Dancing About Architecture

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