1. Mutual Savings


Mutual Savings (E lydian minor)

I saved you from that guy
from talking suicide
I don’t think he was worth
the Netflix renewal

you saved me from myself
tinder girls as well
who kept me out
well past my curfew

we spent our savings on each other
although we were never lovers
comrades in a life stuck in fast-forward
we blew it on vacations, wine, and overnight shipments

I’ll save you from this boredom
without a name
seeing millions making
the same mistakes

you’ll save me from a fatalism
biblical in depth
suggesting there’s been no progress
thousands of tears since

we spent our savings
in a single moment
as soon as we realized
we could never own it

we spent our savings
on one last bar of chocolate
I licked your fingers
then we climbed that hill

Fm | E | C7b5 | F#sus4#5
D | G | A | Em