1. Modern-Blues


Modern Blues (G# Bebop Dom)

I went to the fortune teller, baby
Went to the fortune teller, today
Said, how can you deceive these people 
Calling the bureau of affairs for the state

I saw the witch doctor the one over in Queens
Said, I’m doing a Master’s in Ethnomusicology. 
Could I spend a summer on your dreams?

I move from city to city I move from place to place
But can’t get this existence to make some kind of sense
Tried upside down drunk stoned and nude
Guess I got a Costco case of the modern blues

Jesus came to me on the six line
Begging seven dollars- I gave him a dime
Cursing me under his breath
Walking over a spilled drink
These modern miracles aren’t what you think

G#7 | D#7(no 5)
Fm#5 | A#m#5 | Gm#5
D#9 | D#m9 | G#9 | G#M9