The Usual  

 The usual 

we’re dying 

I thought you knew that 

did you forget when 

you went to work depressed

we’re dying 

and we don’t know exactly 

what it means but it should

give us reason to pause

and reflect on meaning 

in this dailyness 

how we treat ourselves 

and each other 

we’re dying like everyone 

who’s come before and left 

writing a word or a line 

or better yet





Please take my time 

 Please Take My Time

the more I know 

the fewer questions I have 

about my role and 

what comes next 

we could take turns 

you could drive for a while

as I head for your curves 

please take my time 

you’ve put a lot work

into yourself 

curated a life 

despite this mess

as I untangle riddles

written yourself 

I get drawn into knots 

tied like you’re seven

we could order another course

finish the wine 

but if you’re sure you’ve got to go

please take my time 

amidst the devastation 

in spite of the death 

there’s a new horizon 

and some beauty left 

we can fight all night 

and still make the bed 

get it right once  

and never again 

until then 

I’ll just rhyme these lines 

leave the suitcase 

but please take my time

Your last chance to sell out 

 Your last chance to sell out 

we’ve been impressed 

with the consistency of your work 

the way you dress 

you’ve cultivated this look 

like to make you an offer 

join us with what we do 

want you as part of a team 

to have your voice in the future 

we’re making something new 

to revolutionize the world 

going to shake things up 

it’s really going to move 

you might not like 

everything you see 

we don’t expect that

individuals make up a team  

but at the end of the day 

isn’t security what it’s about 

there’s a lot to be sacrificed 

if that’s what you want  



the future needed your help

it wasn’t begging 

it didn’t have anything to sell 

just wanted to tell you something 

everything you thought was solid’s 

boiled off into a gas 

everything that was promised 

has been shown not to last 

now there’s just you 

and a little bit of time 

that you were planning 

on spending any way you like 

maybe you’d consider the picture’s 

blurry and not to your liking 

you could move some things around  

get perspective on what you’re seeing 

there was someone there at the door 

now they’re gone 

don’t know what they came here for

it seems like they’ve moved on 



you should try being true 

it’s not the easiest thing to do 

it won’t pay for new shoes 

but it might save you some trouble 

some time from now

I used to worry what 

others would think 

I used to get along 


that seemed easy 

but it took me places 

that weren’t easy 

to leave 


when things got ugly 

there were others around me 

whom I liked 

and they disappeared 

but their words stayed with me 

and they turned out to be true 

now I speak from the heart 

even when things get dark 

it can get lonely but 

I’ve learned not to care so much 

I just want to be true to myself



flowers everywhere

music in the streets 

conventions turned upside down 

questions about everything 

then numbers came 

crunching billions in their wake

chaining eyes and minds

was it a colossal mistake  

I take off your granny classes

you remove my dungarees  

we rediscover an energy 

rumored to be extinct 

those were the times 

these are mine 

and there's 

nothing guaranteed 

I do as I like 

like a child until I find

something more 


As the past threatens the young 

As snipers build a nest 

the old question re-emerge 

grammatically intact

On It 

 On it

How can anything 

be a love song 

with everything going on 

how can we think of us 

against these flames 

in the background 

maybe lovers in Vesuvius 

thought the same thing-  

smile and pose for history 

we’re in the moment 

exactly like this 

how can anything be a love song 

so that’s what you thought 

as I make the world stop 

for a moment and you can 

put down your phone 

and take off your clothes 

if love isn’t struggle 

if love isn’t loss 

if love isn’t the finger 

against the darkness 

and isn’t what you hum 

on your lips against these horrors 

then I don’t know 


we are 

Slip Permission 

 Slip Permission 

I screwed up 

and I got back 

to where I swore 

I’d never find myself again 

amongst the ranks 

of fallen men 

that familiar smell 

of failure I know too well 

and you move inches 

away from me 

seeing less of what you once 

saw in me 

I’m falling by degrees 

you warned me 

there are no 


and how I want to be back 

in your graces 

as soon as I can 

face myself 

until then I promise 

I’m not enjoying this 

only a little it feels 

too fucking good to happen again 

Flipping the Cup 


Flipping the Cup

Sometimes I’m a critic 

I try not to be a cynic 

I’ve been spun by life 

too many times that 

I’m not always with it 

I look for a narrow line 

I don’t find it every time 

but I often see you there 

and I’m so happy 

to share the moment 

I block out 

more than I take in 

as the glass remains 

almost full 

got a lot to work with 

I don’t give in 

I’m not impressed 

with every fool 

I move towards the beauty 

while I still do my duty 

I’ve seen too many movies 

not to know how this ends 

you make a convincing case 

that we could mix our fates 

together with a lot of things 

beautiful and dangerous 

My fictional past 

 My fictional past 

my past keeps changing 

like a snake 

striking at targets 

changing shapes 

just when you think 

it meets its fate 

it sheds its skin 

shaking another tale 

of course I’ve been there 

and done that 

even if I haven’t 

dreams and memories 

start to blur 

what does it matter if I didn’t 

there’s no way 

to escape this fate 

adding layers 

soon starts to fail 

in the scenario 

of the worst case 

look it deep in the eyes 

and bite before it does the same