The Humanities, Volumes 1 + 2

 It wrote me- 

I can’t make any claim to musical virtuosity, vocal prowess, or poetic genius, but I think I just made the best record of my career. 

I have no idea how it happened, what I did, or how

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it’s your turn to be  that crazy person
the role has recently been vacated 
you’ll have to face  their cruelty directly 
stomaching the looks of incomprehension 
it’ll cost a pretty penny  thank god for insurance 
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are we still in a lull

how long does it last

you seem depressed

why do you ask

i’d give you a call

if you’d respond

you might not be up

preferring down

my friend Carl used to savor…

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Goddess of Irony

the goddess of irony 

drowns the city with her laughter

then she offers assistance

after every disaster

you tell her you're leaving

she says, "not so soon."

she's busy using your heart

to clean up her room

you swear you'll…

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Zyprexa Latuda

I just watch everything and think

What the fuck is going on

I’m fine in my apartment

I see no reason to step out

I miss the city I miss the buzz

I just miss being young

But could you…

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I meet a lot of people 

coming out of trauma 

they make it sound thrilling 

connecting with something 

that gives them 

so much meaning 

before I can wish it 

could happen to me 

they’ve got me up to 

my bare…

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this again


what we say and what we do 

in this world of thieves 

can I count on you 

to stick it to me

in everyone we’ve got

a mini-me 

pocket dictator 

mirror of society 

and I get down 

thinking about it…

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I scare them all away

 I scare them all away

Is it the way I look 

or what I say 

they’re going by the book 

that’s what they said 

eyes start to move 

searching the exit 

they’ll stay for dessert 

then make their break 


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