Welcome to my webpage! I'm a Bronx-based singer-songwriter who sometimes produces others, poetry books, and some theatre. I'm greatly influenced by French and Brazilian traditions and identify strongly with the troubadour appellation . You'll find me playing solo regularly in NYC and collaborating with international artists. I write a lot of songs and try to release an album or more a year. Thanks for checking me out!

I collaborate regularly with Gil Oliveira, Martin Scian, Matt Carrillo, Kevin Cerovich, Emilia Cataldo, Peri Mason, Suely Mesquita, Richard Von Sturmer, and Pavlo Terekhov. 

You can find my work on all streaming platforms. If you're old like me and require physical product, drop me a line at:




All photos ©Pavlo Terekhov/Paul Terrie Photography unless otherwise stated