meet these people  go to their parties afraid they’ll tell you  how they make their money
date their daughters  to the Restoration  having hid the bodies  in the wood grain finish
you just can’t get over the stink  under… Read more

Things Called You

opinions are changing demands remaining inside it’s raining clouds in your eyes
little voice says I’ve got a better idea body snaps to attention with a buzz in the mind
these things called you are all around me they’ve gotten… Read more


lost through a hole in our pockets not sure where we went just when we’d started to feel  we were everyone else
we go back to the drink  to records and cassettes  to all the things that make us  feel… Read more

My Parents Went To Cancún

My Parents Went To Cancún
you got a shiny new bike
all I ever got was love
doing headstands on a mountainside all I ever got was love
in a world of shiny things  you’ve gone insane 
maybe I can… Read more

The Fabulist

The fabulist The fabulist has been
Out of work for generations His tales have all been broken
Its messages replaced with slogans His children have found jobs
In marketing (When he wanted them
To be doctors) … Read more


I’ve done my part in keeping up this charade when it was our turn I kept on the party face
as the night went by  in a dylanesque parade I stayed true   to our agreement
tried the conversation  and failed  … Read more