Metaphor Shortages

 Metaphor Shortages


can’t wear those pants no more

i don’t dance for anyone


can’t drink more than soda

no more chili dog runs


don’t deal with Frank at all

haven’t called…

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Thinking thematically about stuff no one cares about

 My friend Sean Flora is finishing mixes on the next mini-album, "Nudes" and should be ready in two-three weeks, depending on how badly he needs the money. 

I'm sitting on an embarrassing number of albums and as I'm single and…

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The Female Form

chasing that line your entire life entangled surrounded from all sides cat with a laser closer then disappears while you’ve been inside the entire time the distance makes things delicious you feel a weakness from a certain perspective the female… Read more

God Responds

 God Responds

I get a lot of prayers from people

who are like,

“Can you give me that one

again; I think I can handle it now”

Or “if I just had a bit more talent 

here I could make…

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What the book wants

 What The Book Wants 


when you put it down 

you’re far from done 

thoughts demand action 

demanding blood


you could read another 

but you’d just move deeper 

as you search for…

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Carving in Glass

 Carving in Glass

If you knew at the time

you would’ve taken more care

gone a bit slower

milked it all afternoon

instead you assumed

it was what was owed to you

as your mother’s favorite

the future assured


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The Crazy Teacher

Looks like they’re on crack Dresses like the circus Talks five times too fast Probably escaped from prison Frequently with coffee Screaming now singing Showing videos and cartoons In hot water with administration You wouldn’t work with them But you’re… Read more


 I cry for my students 

cry for their parents 

cry for the species 

I haven’t even heard of yet  

I cry for the ignorant

cry for the intelligent 

cry for the rich 

I cry for the cognizant 

I take all…

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