I scare them all away

 I scare them all away

Is it the way I look 

or what I say 

they’re going by the book 

that’s what they said 

eyes start to move 

searching the exit 

they’ll stay for dessert 

then make their break 

I scare them all away 

back to their little caves 

they bolt their doors and pray 

for a return to boring 

I get lonely 

like everyone else 

it’s more about disappointment 

than anything else 

that unquenched thirst 

for more of the same 

is something I’ve never 

been able to explain 

I stand at the center of the square

peering into their faces 

they’re too busy with trends 

to really notice

so I step on them 

knock down their buildings 

blow out the sun 

as they curse the weather 

it’s enough to 

make a monster

just want to 

be by himself 

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